River Valley Garden Club


The committee chair is responsible for submitting required documentation for awards given by the California Garden Clubs, Inc., in those categories for which the club may qualify.


The Club promotes horticulture in the community by awarding annual grants.


It is said that first impressions are lasting impressions!   As Greeter Chair my sole purpose is to make our members, visitors and guests feel welcome once they cross that entrance threshold. With the assistance of greeter volunteers, we accomplish this every meeting.  If you put a smile on your face, your voice will also smile!   Please come and volunteer with me.  It's fun, and, what better way to get to know everyone!   Greeter Motto....  The Closest Distance Between Two People is a Smile! 😃 

Photo Adventure:
Simply take a garden-related photo and enter it in one or more 

of several fun categories.   Technical help is available - FREE!   


The committee is made up of members who volunteer each month

to provide healthy snacks, sweet treats, and coffee.  Select a treat

and beverage and socialize with other members, check out the raffle

table, and the myriad of “happenings” that are posted for member



The committee provides several field trips each year between September and May; with the majority taking place in the fall or spring.  They range from walking tours in our own backyard, to destinations that involve carpooling, to fun bus trips sponsored by the Club.  Physical requirements of the trips are usually light, but some can be more strenuous (detailed information is provided in advance of each trip).  Our annual survey numbers confirm that tours/field trips are the most popular Club activity.